About us


Innovating family

Éconeau is an innovating family business which promotes the values of transparency and respect for the environment. It quickly became the reference in the field of rain water recovery systems in Quebec.

Éconeau’s idea was born when water ran out at the family cottage in 2008. Following an earthquake, the artesian well could no longer supply potable water. A solution had to be found. After a heavy rainfall and seeing that rain water could be stored, Claude and Marie-Claude started thinking of a system to recover this water.

Many enquiries on various rain water recovery systems were made worldwide. Inspired by their findings, they came up with three systems and used their cottage to test them and to adapt them to the Quebec climate and standards.

Seeing the effectiveness of their invention, they decided to market their rain water recovery systems and to make them known to the Quebecers by setting up the Éconeau company.

  • Claude Chevrette Technical Director

    Always on the lookout for novelties, never short on ideas and extremely meticulous, Claude is constantly seeking how things work and to come up with solutions. Seasoned entrepreneur, he owned several businesses. Today, Claude puts all his passion and experience into serving Éconeau’s customers.
    Would have liked to invent: A universal peace system.
    Favourite saying: Go forward!
    Pastime: Exploring new parts of the country and discovering nature.
    What you don’t know about Claude: He cannot stand extreme heat. It is probably one of the reasons he invented a water recovery system!

  • Marie-Claude Chevrette Business Leader

    Having always been immersed in an entrepreneurial family environment, Marie-Claude also realized at a young age that she was a go-getter and was very determined. She has a strong leadership sense and is always looking for new projects in which to surpass herself. Her interest for the environment and recycling has always been there. She was known as “granola” in the family for her penchant for natural things. It is not surprising to see her start her own environmental company with her father.
    Would have liked to invent: The teleportation device.
    Favourite saying: Life puts in mountains our path that we are able to surmount.
    Pastime: Planning a new trip, renovating, skiing and hiking in nature.
    What you don’t know about Marie-Claude: She lived in England for 2 years and travelled everywhere across the globe (Norway, Holland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Thailand, Peru).