• Maison Ozalée - Montréal

    Déborah and Damien Chaveron took up the challenge of renovating their home to make it with a low environmental footprint. The 3 900-litre Éconeau system is used to water the permaculture garden. Will be LEED Platinum and PassivHaus. Maison passive Ozalée.

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  • Résidence Chambord- Montréal

    Heritage duplex converti into a magnificent two-generation LEED Platinum residence. A unique project that won the 2nd best LEED score in Quebec. This exceptionnel building on Chambord Street in Montréal is an achievement by Corenov Constructeurs.

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  • Sillery

    This home has achieved LEED Platinum certification. The rain water is used for toilets, watering and washing cars. The 9,000-litre tank provides optimum storm water management and deflects it away from the foundation.

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  • Lévis

    A large quantity of potable water is saved by this family. A 6,600-litre tank allows the use of rain water for the toilets, the irrigation system, washing cars and filling the pool. Installation by Eau de pluie expert.

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  • Québec

    The old above-ground pool was replaced by a beautiful fruit orchard. The Éconeau 3,900-litre system allows them to water the orchard, and irrigate their land with no restriction with the rain water. Achievements by Paradis jardin et accessoires.

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  • Cap-Rouge

    Concerned about the environment, our clients water their flower bed and their land with rain water. The rain water recovery system is equipped with a 1,800-litre tank. Installation by Eau de pluie expert.

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  • Laurentides
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  • ville de Beloeil récupération d'eau de pluie
    Beloeil recreation center

    Beloeil récréation center is an ecoenergy and aquaresponsible building. Several organizations are also located there. The 17 000-litre Éconeau thank feeds the toilets. Consult te data sheet.

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  • Ericsson – Corporate Campus Saint-Laurent Montréal

    The Éconeau system has two 15,000-litre tanks. It supplies rain water to the sanitary facilities of the Ericsson head quarters for approximately 1,000 persons. Their aim is a LEED Gold certification.

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  • Éconeau.Lac Mégantic. MRC du Granit
    MRC du Granit Lac-Mégantic

    After a relocation that lasted more than two years, the Regional County Municipality du Granit moved into its new offices. This beautiful building is LEED-certified and uses rain water for its sanitary facilities.

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  • STGM & Ambioner Québec

    The Éconeau system with a 3,900-litre tank supply rain water to toilets. This building is the first Platinum LEED-NC certified project in the Province.

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  • Le Loft Lac-Mégantic Lac-Mégantic

    Following the 2013 tragedy, it is with resilience and strength that the promoter rebuilt. The 6,600-litre system supplies rain water to the toilets of this commercial space as well as outdoor watering and washing cars.

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