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The management of storm water is now a requirement that is more and more in demand with new constructions. Furthermore, the arrival of water meters and water tax for non-residential buildings are part of today’s reality. The Éconeau rain water recovery system allows you to store storm water all the while reducing considerably your potable water consumption. The solution to relieve the network from during large downpours without losing usable land. In fact, our rain water recovery tanks are installed under parking lots, rest areas and landscaping to maximize space. Our rain water valuation systems are part of the Quebec Government strategy to reduce potable water consumption by 20 % by 2017.

Use of rain water:

  • Supplying sanitary installations.
  • Production activities.
  • Watering and irrigation
  • Washing vehicles or others.
  • General maintenance.

Éconeau will offer you a system adapted to your project!

Build ecologically and be aqua-responsible!

Principal Components:
  • TAFP-240 HD Junction and Filtration Chamber

    A junction and filtration chamber for the recovery system for rain water coming from the roof drain.

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  • Pumps for Large Projects

    Fully automated stationary pump tailored to your project. Ideal for supplying toilets and any other equipment.

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  • FY-34 Filter

    Filter placed directly on the interior rainwater network preventing particles from damaging the devices.

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  • Large Capacity Tank

    A rain water recovery tank buried underground. Ideal for collecting, retaining and treating rain water. Sectors: municipal, industrial, agricultural, corporate, institutional, mining and fire.

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  • VM34-24V ÉcoRain Station

    A motorized valve system that is completely automated. Designed for supplying rain water to buildings and for any other clear water needs. Compatible with all kinds of pumps.

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  • US645 Submersible Pump

    A powerful automatic submersible pump. It is designed for the Éconeau rain water recovery systems. Ideal pump for equipment requiring high pressure.

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  • Large Capacity Above Ground Tank

    4,500 to 13,600 litres above ground rain water recovery tank. Ideal for collecting large amounts of rain water when burying a tank is impossible. Can be installed outside as well as inside a building. Many sizes available.

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