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The Éconeau rain water collective systems are part of the Quebec Government strategy to reduce potable water consumption by 20 % by 2017. It is only natural that institutional buildings equip themselves with green and aqua-responsible technologies. The use of rain water for sanitary purposes by itself represents a saving of 30 % on potable water.

Uses of rain water:

  • Supplying toilets and urinals.
  • Watering and irrigation.
  • General maintenance.

Greatly reduce your ecological footprint and be Éconeaulogical!

Principal Components:
  • TAFP-240 Junction and Filtration Chamber

    A junction and filtration chamber for the recovery system for rain water coming from the roof drain.

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  • Pumps for Large Projects

    Fully automated stationary pump tailored to your project. Ideal for supplying toilets and any other equipment.

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  • FY-34 Filter

    Filter placed directly on the interior rainwater network preventing particles from damaging the devices.

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  • Large Capacity Tank

    A rain water recovery tank buried underground. Ideal for collecting, retaining and treating rain water. Sectors: municipal, industrial, agricultural, corporate, institutional, mining and fire.

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  • VM34-24V ÉcoRain Station

    A motorized valve system that is completely automated. Designed for supplying rain water to buildings and for any other clear water needs. Compatible with all kinds of pumps.

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  • US645 Submersible Pump

    A powerful automatic submersible pump. It is designed for the Éconeau rain water recovery systems. Ideal pump for equipment requiring high pressure.

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  • Large Capacity Above Ground Tank

    4,500 to 13,600 litres above ground rain water recovery tank. Ideal for collecting large amounts of rain water when burying a tank is impossible. Can be installed outside as well as inside a building. Many sizes available.

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