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Are water restrictions imposed by your municipality a problem for you? Do you find it abnormal that your toilets operate with drinking water? With the help of the Éconeau system, you can collect the rain waters that fall abundantly on your roof to help you reduce your consumption of drinking water considerably.

Rain water uses:

  • Water the garden, the lawn and flowers
  • Supply water to toilets and the washing machine
  • Wash cars
  • Fill pools and spas
  • Irrigation system

These simple steps will make a difference for future generations!

Note that Éconeau underground rain water recovery systems are eligible for the RénoVert tax credit program.

Principal Components:
  • Access Opening

    The access opening allows to look inside the tank once it is in the ground. It is required with all in-ground tanks.

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  • US619 ÉcoRain Pump Station

    A smart pump station completely automated for supplying rain water to toilets, irrigation systems and for any other clear water usage.

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  • FY-34 Filter

    Filter placed directly on the interior rainwater network preventing particles from damaging the devices.

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  • Filtre AD1-115

    The filter is placed directly on the ground, under the downspout, to prevent debris from entering the underground tank.

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  • VM34-24V ÉcoRain Station

    A motorized valve system that is completely automated. Designed for supplying rain water to buildings and for any other clear water needs. Compatible with all kinds of pumps.

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  • Residential In-ground Tank

    The rain water recovery tank is buried underground. Ideal for the home, the cottage and for small industries.

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  • US602 Submersible Pump

    A semi-automatic submersible pump for irrigation systems and any other rain water use requiring pressure.

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  • FLO12V – 60-2 Pump

    A small 12-volt DC self-priming diaphragm pump. Ideal for a watering hose and the cottage.

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  • FLO 60-2 Pump

    A 115 volts self-priming diaphragm pump. Ideal for the garden hose and the cottage.

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  • US644 Submersible Pump

    A powerful automatic multistage submersible pump designed for rain water recovery systems. Indispensable for supplying rain water to houses, irrigation systems and all other applications or network requiring high pressure. This pump is suitable only for pumping clear water only.

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  • TAFP-240 HD Junction and Filtration Chamber

    A junction and filtration chamber for the recovery system for rain water coming from the roof drain.

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  • RHAD-01 Filter

    A filter placed at the foot of the downspout to prevent debris from entering the in-ground tank.

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  • DEL WS240- 33 Electronic Gauge Indicator

    Electronic water level indicator.

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  • Above Ground Residential Tank

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