The Éconeau innovative rain water recovery technology is easy to use. The system can be installed on all buildings, no matter the size. The concept is both simple and effective.

The water is first collected by the roof’s rain gutters or by a drain on a flat roof. It is then filtered by a primary filter which prevents debris, leaves and insects from going into the recovery tank. Water is stored in a high-density polyethylene tank that can be buried or placed inside the building.

A circulation system allows for the renewal of the water to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and algae caused by stagnant waters. This ensures a water that is clear, clean, fresh and ready to be used any time. The water can then be retrieved with a pump made exclusively for our system that will give you adequate pressure for your needs.

Finally, the water will be micro-filtered to rid it of small particles before being directed to your appliances inside or outside the building.

Rain gutter recovery system
Recovery system for flat roofs
  • Reduce the consumption of potable water by 30 to 80 % and more.
  • Rain water is free.
  • Cost savings linked to water consumption taxes.
  • The only alternative in case of a drought or watering restrictions imposed by municipalities.
  • Reduces pressure on artesian wells during droughts and over exploitation.
  • Ecological solution to storm water management.
  • Eliminates humidity around foundations and reduces heating costs.
  • Easy to install and to use, requires little maintenance.
  • The systems are designed to last more than 25 years.
  • Contributes to earning points towards environmental certification such as LEED and BOMA.
  • Works year-round.
  • Long lasting
  • The components of our systems are designed to last 25 years and no need to change the tank.
  • self-cleaning
  • If the tank fills up during a downpour, a water renewal system allows the water at the bottom of the tank to be evacuated, resulting in its cleaning.
  • Our tanks are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) approved by the FDA, USDA. They also meet the Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards as well as the BNQ standards.
  • standardized
  • Our systems’ components meet BNQ and CSA standards and their installations are governed by Quebec and Canadian construction standards and codes.
  • antibacterial
  • For the underground Éconeau systems, the water is protected from the heat in the Summer and the cold in the Winter. The average temperatures are low enough to prevent the growth of bacteria. Results: no light = no photosynthesis = no algae.